About Us

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MidWest Energy Movement is an Energy Medicine Education AND Energy Medicine Treatment Service

MidWest Energy Movement offers Advance Practice Energy Medicine Treatments for your GRID Matrix Repair and Life Regression Therapy.


We offer full service customized educational seminars, workshops and individual treatments in Advanced Energy Medicine GRID Matrix Repair, Energy Medicine, Chakra Health, Reiki Energy Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Health for Mind, Body and Spirit.

Our Holistic approach to health also includes workshops in: Personal Energy Crisis: How to Bounce Back from Stress, Angel Therapy, Reiki Therapy for Pets and Animals, and many other health related issues.

Our goal is to bring knowledge and understanding about the practical uses of Holistic Health Practices and Energy Medicine in our daily lives in order to foster your health to be optimum and balanced. We help individuals understand that Energetic Healing is for EVERYONE, regardless of age, occupation, or prior education.

Everyone, children included, can benefit from Energetic Healing education and or treatments to learn how to keep the energy flowing in order to feel energized and healthy, alleviate symptoms of chronic disease and pain, relieve the effects of stress, worry, depression, anxiety and grief.

MidWest Energy Movement utilizes a core of highly qualified instructors who have an active energy practice, are Certified Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioners and Researchers. Energy Medicine instructors have personally studied Energy Medicine with the “renowned author and healer” Donna Eden. Donna Eden is a bestselling author, lecturer, and a world leading teacher in the field of energy medicine: http://www.innersource.net


Midwest Energy Movement specializes in Holistic Education Seminars for:

Health Care Professionals, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Physicians, Holistic Health Practitioners, Counselors, Psychologists, Social Workers, Massage Therapists, Instructors and Students of Holistic Health, and the General Public!

Animal Reiki training is offered for Animal Rescue workers, Animal Shelter workers, Zoo Animal attendants, and any one with pets or who likes to work with animals.

Continuing Nursing Education Credits for nurses are offered for most seminars. Massage Therapy Continuing Credits offered for selected classes.

MidWest Energy Movement offers individual Professional Energy Treatments to people of all ages and animals too!


Call, Text- 507-244-1994 or email gail@MidWestEnergyMovement.com for information about your future appointment.