What/who is MEM?
Our nickname for MidWest Energy Movement that you will see written in paragraphs.

Can I book a seminar for my hometown?
Yes, just contact us and we will discuss what you would like to offer for your community. MEM serves the MidWest and is readily available to travel to areas beyond. “Need Energy? We Travel!” T he world is small in comparison to the universe for ‘Sharing the Energy”.

What type of Energy Seminar will you offer?
MEM specializes in Energy Medicine, Chakra Health, Reiki Energy, Angel Energy, Crystal Energy and Health for the Mind, Body and Spirit. The program is designed to meet your needs.  Eden Energy Medicine Foundations Program will start in May 2014.. Registration is due May 1, 2014.  Check the seminar page for details.

MEM offers official Donna Eden Courses and other topics in Energy Medicine, Advanced Energy Medicine, and offers Continuing Education Credits for most classes taught.

You will be able to become certified in a number of areas with the new line up of seminars being offered. Continuing Nursing Education Credits are offered for all seminars by MEM!

What if a topic I want is not listed?
Just let us know what areas of health you want to learn more about. MEM offers many other topics of wellness education, alternative, complimentary and traditional. MEM has a faculty that has a very diverse background of experience to address every health need you have.

Are professional education credits offered?
Yes. It is the goal of MEM to offer professional continuing nursing education credits. MEM will make application for nursing education credits through the American Holistic Nursing Association for all seminars offered. Continuing Education Credits are offered for specific classes through the NCBTMB for Massage Therapy credit.

It is our goal to expand the continuing credit application process to include Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, and Mental Health Professionals in the very near future!!

You will be able to become certified in a number of areas with the new line up of seminars being offered. Watch for these releases in the very near future!!

Does MEM offer seminars on general health related conditions?
Yes. Most health related conditions are offered.

What about women’s health issues?
Yes! Women’s health is a specialty of MEM.

How long are the seminars?
Average length of a MEM seminar is a minimum of 2 hours up to 8 hours and even 2-3 days depending on your needs.

What are the fees for seminars?
Fees are flexible depending on the length of the seminar, number of participants, distance traveled and how many speakers will be needed to present the program.

Does MEM offer individual Energy Medicine treatments?
Yes. MEM offers Advanced Energy Medicine Treatments for individuals of all ages. Treatments are inclusive for men, women, and children of all ages.  Health issues treated are all the same for  any medical condition you may be dealing with in addition to any stress related or chronic health problems.  MEM offers treatments for immune system imbalances, fertility issues, daily health, anxiety, past life regression, GRID repair, Chakra health, Reiki sessions, and more.