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Health Tips

    • Drink 10 glasses of water a day (unless you are restricted medically)
    • Thump under your eyes, under collar bones at edges of sternum bone, in the middle of the sternum bone, and along sides of last rib to energize your system, provide immediate relief form fatigue and boost your immune system!
    • Do the daily routine by Donna Eden to keep all 9 of your energy systems strong and moving forward
    • Think positive thoughts, replace anger with love!
    • Trace 3 hearts around your face starting at the chin, going straight up to forehead, around the outside of the eyes, and back to the chin!  This charges your radiant circuits for joy and inner peace!
    • Think of being out in nature with the trees and flowers!
    • Imagine your feet deep in the earth with the tree roots, with warm soft soil, firmly grounding you and giving you confidence and focus.
    • Do figure 8’s all around your body with the intention of healing whatever is needed.
  • Place middle finger of one hand between eyebrows on forehead, the other middle finger in the navel, take deep breaths in through nose and exhale through mouth for 3 breaths to connect these energy centers for focus, reduction of stress, and regaining control of your emotions!