MidWest Energy Movement was created in January 2010 to meet the needs of communities throughout the MidWest and beyond to increase knowledge about alternative healing options, specifically Energy Medicine. MidWest Energy Movement also serves the community by providing advanced practice energetic therapy treatments for individuals of all ages for any health or stress-related issue. MidWest Energy Movement (MEM) offers instructional classes for all levels of experience from novice to expert. We utilize the Energy Medicine techniques developed by Donna Eden in all of the classes offered. Official Donna Eden classes are offered such as Energy Medicine 101 & 102, and The Foundations Program. Many additional topics of Energy Medicine for other health-related issues are offered regularly. Traditional health education is also available.  Dr. Gail Van Kanegan has continued to increase her professional skills through continuing education through certifications and obtaining a Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree with a focus of study in Energy Medicine and Complementary Healing techniques.

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