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Heal thyself? You don’t need to be a physician to take that to heart.

Dr. Gail Van Kanegan, DNP, RN, Certified Nurse Practitioner and Eden Energy Medicine Advance Practitioner, is happy to teach you how to cure what ails you and keep yourself healthy by letting your own internal energy flow. Dr. Van Kanegan, Administrator of Midwest Energy Movement, has been formally working with people and their energies for over 10 years.

“Energy Medicine looks at energy as a vital living force,” says Dr. Van Kanegan, who has worked as a Registered Nurse for 35 years and as a Family Nurse Practitioner for 21 of those years. She advanced her education to become a Doctor of Nursing Practice, with the focus of her studies in Energy Medicine and Chronic Disease. “Energy is a medicine and it’s also the person because we are energy.”

When a person is sick or in pain, Dr. Van Kanegan says, it is because the energy is not flowing through the pathways of the body as it should. The way energy medicine works is to un-trap the energy and let it flow, promoting wellness.

This is similar to other complementary medicines and modalities, but unlike chiropractic or acupuncture, the goal of Energy Medicine is to work with the body’s electromagnetic energy and get it moving again, pulling it along though the meridians — lines of energy that flow through the body.

“Every single cell is charged with electromagnetism,” Dr. Van Kanegan says. “We use our hands to move the energy. Your hands are electromagnetic. The back of hand has the negative charge and the palm side is positive. We have polarities just like the earth has north and south poles.”

A good example of how that energy gets trapped, she says, is what happens when you sit too long in a chair. “The energy gets trapped in the neck, the knees and the back,” Dr. Van Kanegan says. “Because of being in this crunched up position, your energy stops flowing.” By doing a few simple energy maneuvers, the trapped energy begins to flow and relief of pain and stiffness occurs.

According to Dr. Van Kanegan, one big source of flowing energy is the blood, which can get trapped and slowed any number of ways. A fall that ends up with a bruise or swelling means blood is not flowing correctly and pain for the sufferer. A blood clot in the heart leads to a heart attack. “Energy can’t get through that clot,” she says. “Energy follows the blood flow. Blood and energy need to be in the tissues for nourishment and life.”

Energy Medicine is designed to restore the normal functions of the body. It works best when the body is aligned, in balance, and the energy is flowing properly.

There are a number of ways an Energy Medicine practitioner can help move the energy and restore the flow. Tapping along energetic pathways or on blocked points, connecting the ends of a meridian, gently twisting or lightly pinching the skin to relieve pain are just a few ways to move energy. Stretching postures will unblock energy and keep pathways clear, similar to yoga or tai chi.

“I took a tai chi class and many maneuvers were the same as with Energy Medicine,” Dr. Van Kanegan says. “In energy medicine, we do more pulling of the energy with the hands. We’re a bit more assertive than the gentle nature of tai chi or yoga.” Energy Medicine is over 5,000 years old, combining methods from many different types of energy techniques.

Midwest Energy Movement is one of more than a dozen practices at Hermitage Farm Center for Healing in northwest Rochester. There, Dr. Van Kanegan teaches clients how to stimulate their energy flows to release and attack the toxins in their body. These toxins can come from a variety of sources, such as the environment, food, drugs, emotions and notably- stress.

“All of the exercises with Energy Medicine are designed to open channels to move energy and release toxins,” she says.

The beauty of Energy Medicine, she says, is once you know how to care for yourself; you don’t need to keep going back to the practitioner to feel relief. “Part of my mission as a Nurse Practitioner is to empower people to be healthy,” Dr. Van Kanegan says.

Midwest Energy Movement has sponsored renowned Energy Medicine Practitioner, Instructor, and Foundress of Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program, Donna Eden, as a speaker on two occasions in Minneapolis and most recently in St. Louis. Dr. Van Kanegan, who studied under Eden, hosted 300 people at each event. Eden’s Energy Medicine methods, she says, works through every one of the nine energy systems in the body and can be learned by anyone- even children!

“Once you learn Energy Medicine, you can do it for yourself,” says Dr. Van Kanegan. “It’s all about self-care, empowering people to take charge of their lives, and Sharing the Energy!”

*This information was excerpted from an interview with Brian Todd, Radish Magazine, October 2012.


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